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This site is owned and operated by the Cariboo Placers Mining & Exploration Company and is geared toward promoting the sale of placer ground.

The current Property for sale is Tenure # 1013834 located in the Cariboo Gold Mining District of central British Columbia first discovered back in the late 1850’s and situated along Beaver Pass/2400 Rd. which follows the ancient Lightning Creek/Beaver Pass drainage system whose headwaters are reputed to have been the largest producer of placer gold in British Columbia.

This 2-cell placer tenure is situated at 9.5 km on the 2400 Road (Beaver Pass) adjacent to Langford/Tregillus Lake.

The property is accessible by the 2400 Road/Beaver Pass Rd which is well maintained by the forest companies and is normally open year round.

The primary source of water for the featured Tenure # 1013834 is Langford/Tregillus Lake which provides an abundant volume for any size of operation.

The Beaver Pass valley runs in a northerly direction beginning along Highway 26 (Barkerville Hwy) 50 km east of Quesnel and 25 km west of the town of Wells. It is believed by geologists (see the Duling Report dating back to the 1930’s) to be part of the original river channel that drained the eastern headwaters of Lightning Creek. Prior to  the last Ice Age the channel ran in a northerly direction along Beaver Pass and emptied into the Willow River but due to a blockage during the Ice Age Lightning Creek was diverted from its regular course and now runs westward from above historic Stanley bypassing the 2400 Rd/Beaver Pass and connecting up with the Cottonwood River to then flow into the Fraser River north of the city of Quesnel.

Tenure # 1013834 has an abundance of untouched ground still and is capable of supporting an extensive, successful mining operation that has the potential of running for many years given the volume of pay gravel available on the 2 cell tenure. The immediate area surrounding Tenure #1013834 lies at the intersection of two major fault lines that meet and cross there. One line runs in a Northwesterly direction following the direction of Auro Fino Creek and the other line runs in a Southwesterly direction along Beaver Pass toward Cariboo Mountain.  Specific areas that were mined back in 1987 produced significant amounts of gold (see the Howard Myers Report for the 1987 season here). Out of one deep pit alone, 401.18 Troy ounces or 12,476.7 grams of gold were recovered. At today’s current (albeit fluctuating) market value of approximately $2410.00 (CAN) per ounce this would amount to around $966,844.00.

Following the successful 1987 season the property became embroiled in legal problems and since then has never been seriously mined.

Another important feature of the property is the fact that there is little to no overburden to deal with. The surface gravels are where the bulk of gold is found and contain little in the way of clay deposits and are easily processed using the traditional excavator, loader and shaker plant, trommel or old-fashioned sluice box and pump methods.

A small testing program was carried out during the summer of 2010 that can be accessed via the link shown in the menu bar at the top of the page or else by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above there are two mining reports on this area located in the Menu at the top of this page directly below the header. One is the Dulling Report from the 1930’s and the other is the Howard Myers Report from 1987.  It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that prior to contacting the owner of these cells that prospective clients read these reports. 

All testing to date indicates the presence of gold and PMG elements with the gold showing a consistent 93% purity, the highest throughout the Cariboo region.

ASKING PRICE NOW: $30,000.00




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(Example of gold shown in 6 one ounce vials from Tregillus Creek location. The gold in this region has a purity of 93% – the highest in the Cariboo Gold Region)


Magnetic material “mags” shown clustered about a magnet and taken from one pan of refined concentrates. Assays done of these concentrates on other tenures owned by Cariboo Placers by Eco Tech Laboratory Ltd. out of Kamloops, B.C. indicate  a strong presence of gold (8.75 g/t) or 0.255 (oz/t) as well as showings of silver, palladium and platinum. A full spectrum analysis of all the PMG elements contained within these magnetic materials is still required in order to ascertain the full extent of additional rare earth elements.

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A portion of the “Aura Fina” or fine gold that exists along Tregillus Creek. The gold is uniform in size and of a brilliant yellow lustre indicating that it is of similar quality to that historically recovered within the same immediate area along this section of the Beaver Pass.

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All inquiries to be addressed to company CEO Arthur Topham.

ARTHUR TOPHAM: Phone 250 992 1027

Mailing Address: Cariboo Mining & Exploration Company

4633 Barkerville Highway

Quesnel, B.C. V2J 6T8

All email communications are to be sent to the following address:


We will endeavour to return your call or email within as short a time period as humanly possible.

Thank you.






















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