Placer Cells for Sale in Beaver Pass Valley, Cariboo Mining District

Cariboo Placers Mining & Exploration Co. now has three blocks consisting of 11 cells for sale along Beaver Pass, also known as the 2400 Road. The 2400 Road road begins at the 50 km mark on the Barkerville Highway travelling east from the city of Quesnel and is located in the Cariboo Region of the province.

Beaver Pass is an historic placer mining area that’s been part of the Cariboo Mining District since the late 1850s and is known for the high purity level of its placer gold (ranging around 92%). The Beaver Pass road originally was a mining road but afterwards became one of the primary roads used by the forest sector to access their timber tenures in the northeast portion of the region. It’s a year-round access road generally well maintained and accessible.

All of the cells, shown in blue with their Tenure numbers in the map below, are located along a 5 km stretch of the 2400 Rd beginning at 12km and running through to 16km where the “F” Road turns off to the left. I will append maps and photos and add explanatory notes along with them to give viewers a better idea of where the properties are located.

Nine of the cells are located on the south side of the valley where Tregillus Creek runs in an easterly direction out of Tregillus Lake until it empties into the Willow River at 18 km. Cell #1041865 spans both sides of Tregillus Creek and is accessible from either side of the valley via good gravel roads. The two remaining cells – #1082580 and #1082581 – are located further along the light brown gravel road that turns off the F Road to the left right after crossing Tregillus Creek and wends its way back upstream in a westerly direction for approximately 4 km where it comes to a dead end.

The above map shows the approximate location of first 5 cells and their Tenure Numbers. Both the two maps above are in a larger format and can be enlarged for easier viewing by clicking on them.

Tenure 1054099 consists of 2 cells and Tenure 1054098 one single cell. None of these 3 cells have been tested, explored or mined and have been in the possession of Cariboo Placers Mining & Exploration Co. for approximately 10 years now.

Tenures 678824 and 834466 were both logged off on the southern side of the 2400 Rd. during the winter of 20/21. Prior to then they were covered with old growth timber. They have never been mined. The next set of photos show what the area looks like now. The portions of the road showing on the two tenures are located between 12km and 13km.

NOTE: It’s important to understand that these two cells are the last remaining placer properties along the 2400 Road from the Barkerville Hwy to where the bridge crosses the Willow River at 18km that have never been explored or mined. There are other cells higher up the valley ridges that are also still untouched but in the bottom of the valley all the remaining ground has been worked or is being worked at the present time.

The map above is a more recent Google map that came out after the other map was completed. Here one can see the where the fresh logging is (brownish colour).

Here one is standing close to the 13.5 km mark on the 2400 Road looking west. The ground has been logged and decked ready to be trucked to the mill in Quesnel.

Here one is standing at the west boundary of Cell #834466 looking eastward. All the timber has been removed leaving only the cull piles with the remaining debris left from the logging. The stumps of course are still in the ground.

This photo is of the east boundary of Cell #834466 where the logging tapers off.

The following images below are screenshots taken off of the Mineral Titles Online website showing the current status of the 9 cells.

Tenure #834466 is 19.40 ha or 48 acres in area.

Tenure #678824 is 19.40 ha or 48 acres in area.

Tenure #1054098 covers an area of 19.40 km or 48 acres.

As noted above Tenure #1054099 consists of 2 cells combined with an area of 38.80 ha or 96 acres.

The above photo of the 6 vials of gold each containing 1 troy ounce of gold were mined at 11 km along the 2400 Road and give the viewer an idea of the size and consistency of the gold generally found along the valley bottom. Of course it needs to be understood that there is also an abundance of finer gold in the gravels along the valley as well as courser nuggets too but generally speaking the majority of gold is around this consistency.

This 1 ounce nugget was mined at 9.5 km along the 2400 Road back in 2019 and is a good example of the larger pieces one might find on a good day.

The gold in the pan was also mined around Tregillus Lake and is yet another example of the size and texture of the gold in the Beaver Pass area.

This pan containing fine gold comes from the same area where the 5 cells are located. Portions of the valley around Oro Fina Creek at 11 km are known for fine gold.

As well as gold the gravels throughout the Beaver Pass region contain a substantial amount of magnetics as shown in the above photo. The term “Magnetics” refers to what are commonly known as the Platinum Mineral Group (PMG) of precious metals. Apart from gold, these consist of Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium, Ruthenium, etc.

The magnetics shown in this photo were mined across the valley on the north side of Tregillus Creek close to Tenure # 1041865 by Cariboo Placers Mining & Exploration Co. back in 2011.


When it comes to placer mining Water matters. As one can see from the map Tregillus Creek wends its way eastward along the valley where the claims are located. It’s a year round creek with an abundant supply of water sufficient for any sized operation. The area surrounding the creek is mostly swamp with tributaries running along that connect to the main flow.

Tregillus Creek

Where the three tenure boundaries – #1054099, #1054098 and #678824 – connect next to the 2400 Road there is a creek coming down the south side through #1054098 that passes under the road in a large culvert. When it emerges on the north side of the road the land drops down to the level of Tregillus Creek and can be accessed to provide water for any size of pump ranging from 4″ to 8″ in diameter. The hose would then run under the 2400 Road, through the culvert and connect to whatever wash plant was set up on the property.

The two Tenures #1082580 and #1082581 do not have a direct water source and any washing of gravels would requiring hauling water to the wash site or hauling the gravel to another tenure that does have water.

The remaining four cells are close enough to Tregillus Creek to obtain sufficient water for any sized operation.


Please Note

These properties DO NOT come with any mining equipment nor any Notice of Work permits. The Company is not interested in any Joint Ventures at this time.

Asking price for Individual Cells

Tenure #834466 – $30,000.00

Tenure #678824 – $15,000.00

Tenure #1054098 – $10,000.00

Tenure #1054099 – $20,000.00

Tenure #1041864 – $10,000.00

Tenure #1041865 – $10,000.00

Tenure #1041867 – $10,000.00

Tenure #1041868 – $10,000.00

Tenure #1082580 – $15,000.00

Tenure #1082581 – $10,000.00

All inquiries to be addressed to company CEO Arthur Topham.

ARTHUR TOPHAM: Phone 250 992 1027

Mailing Address: Cariboo Mining & Exploration Company

4633 Barkerville Highway

Quesnel, B.C. V2J 6T8

All email communications are to be sent to the following address:


We will endeavour to return your call or email within as short a time period as humanly possible.

Thank you.

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